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What Happened to E-Xoops

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This is a note written by Greyhead to send to Akshara and others asking what happened to E-Xoops.

Note: You may freely quote from this - if possible the whole note; or ask me to send it to anyone who is inquiring.

So, the E-Xoops story. I'll try and tell it here as I recall, much of the postings made at the time have been deleted so this is from my memory and is my version. Farsus', and others', will be different - none is the 'truth'.

I joined the E-Xoops community in January 2003. At that time Half-Dead was posting regularly in the Community Forums and there were some new postings in the 1.06CVS version of E-Xoops at SourceForge. During 2003 H-D got into some personal difficulties, eventually took a full-time job and effectively stopped all posting and development. Farsus maintained the web-site, I continued to post in the forums most days and sometime during the year I was given some limited admin access - basically I could post FAQs and tutorials and moderate the documentation forum. Around the turn of the year 2003/04 he came back to the site, leased a new server, moved the site to it and announced his intention of completing a 1.06 release as soon as possible, then possibly handing over the reins. I believe that the main work required on 1.06 was completion of the new block admin interface.

After the site transfer was completed nothing much else happened. The e-mail system quickly became blocked and it was impossible for new people to register on the site. I understand that there were over 100,000 e-mails in the box and it became impossible to open the folder. Where they came from I don't know, maybe spam - I've also heard it suggested that there was a email-dos campaign of some kind targeted at E-Xoops.

It seemed likely that H-D would throw in the towel and walk away from E-Xoops. In private conversations I encouraged Farsus to get in touch with him and see what could be rescued. Farsus did this and over a period of some weeks the domains, the SourceForge site and the web-site were transferred to Farsus. I believe that this was a difficult and drawn out process. I don't know any details but Farsus seemed very frustrated and also talked about 'giving up'.

I sketch out this history because it sets the backdrop for what happened next.

Farsus set out to form a new Development Team for an evolved E-Xoops. He asked me to consider either 'Community & Docs' or 'Module Development', I chose the former as I didn't think my coding was good enough to do serious modules. A about the same time Alphalogic joined the Team looking after Core Code and set to work. Alphalogic and I talked most days by IM and there was some good progress on completing the missing parts of 1.06CVS and developing some interesting new ideas. I was excited to see E-Xoops moving again after being stagnant for many months.

When I joined the team Farsus set out his 'rules of operation'. He said that he was a tough manager and that he would listen to views but he would make the decisions. He was very clear about this and I signed up to his way of working. I've worked with many managers and this style isn't my preference but it is OK.

Farsus was very busy with non E-Xoops work and with completing the transfer and we kept in touch mostly by PM or the private Dev Team forum at E-Xoops.com (separate from the Dev Talk forum). I thought that he was still looking to add to the Dev Team though I had no idea who he was approaching or what response he was getting. About this time Linuxdude reappeared after a few months away asking what was happening and what he could do and I put him in touch with Farsus.

This takes up to about the beginning of April and the famous Sunday night conversation. Linuxdude had been in the Dev Team for perhaps two days and on Sunday evening all four of us were in the Dev Team forum. There were various threads of conversation - one was about new logos for E-Xoops and various ideas were posted. I remember I posted a variant on the E-logo that is on the E-Xoops site now. Someone suggested a logo competition. Farsus said no - and anyhow it didn't matter because there would be a new name shortly. He was asked what the new name was and said that he wouldn't say until he had all the domains secure - the reply was something on the lines 'don't you trust us then?'. It later became clear that this was the final straw though I didn't know that at the time. Farsus made a few more posts including one that said that he was ready to hand over to the Dev Team if anyone wanted to take it on, another something like "Kazumi(?) couldn't beat me, Half-Dead couldn't beat me, Now I beat myself". I left the conversation around midnight expecting that all would have settled down again by morning.

It didn't. I forget the exact sequence now. I think that Farsus took down the E-Xoops and Gordon's sites that Sunday night. Alphalogic had gone away for a week and didn't return until the Friday. I spoke to Linuxdude who was as bemused as I was about what was happening. I thought it might have been a technical problem or that Farsus had decided to walk away as threatened, more likely the latter. This idea was confirmed for me when Farsus later posted his "E-Xoops is dead, the new generation is coming" page.

I did four things in these next few days. I posted a 'what happened' note similar to this at ModsCentral; I later posted a 'what's next' post when I seemingly found myself alone and thought that Farsus had 'gone away'; I also bought the Ciamos top level domains - because the name came to me one morning and I thought that E-Xoops.com had gone away with Farsus.

After a day or so and a lot of private pms ims and e-mails the E-Xoops site came back on line. The Dev Team had been abolished, my ability to post FAQs and Tutorials was gone - as were the extra site privileges the Dev Team had been briefly given.

Alphalogic came back on the Friday and got into IM conversation with various other people. By the time I linked into the conversation they had already started to talk about coding a new E-Xoops version - maybe even some code was written. I joined that informal group and over the succeeding couple of weeks some form has taken shape. We have decided to use the Ciamos name and there is now a holding page up at www.ciamos.com, there is a tiny forum at http://devtalk.ciamos.com∞ (and a active private forum as well), a private bug tracker at http://mantis.ciamos.com∞ and a just active SourceForge site at http://sourceforge.ciamos.com∞ with some early beta code in CVS. The code base for Ciamos is E-Xoops 1.05rev3 - it includes none of the 1,06 code or the code developed for Farsus Dev Team (though Farsus has said that code is alphalogic's to use).

We've been in touch with Farsus - most recently on the E-Xoops France site just before he went away. Philippe has been very keen to avoid a fork. I invited Farsus to join us and he has declined. I believe that he still intends to develop his own branch under another name once he returns from holiday. I don’t know what name he will use (not E-Xoops I believe), what direction he will take or who will code for him.

Whilst Ciamos is very new and we are still finding our feet the direction is pretty clear and is to maintain Half-Dead' convictions of simple efficient and fast - to which we've added secure. The main work at present is (a) to pull some features out of the modules back into the core so that there is common code for e.g. comments, topics, pms, etc. (b) to simplify the admin interface (c) to offer more block control a but like 1,06 (d) to improve the user documentation and (e) to keep an upgrade path from E-Xoops 1.05rev3.

This is very much an evolving OpenSource project with a broad Dev Team - unlike either Half-Dead's enormous one man effort or Farsus short-lived 'managed Dev Team'. What gets developed will be what people have energy for, what gets released will be what's ready. There is a sketch road map taking shape but I don’t' see that being a rigid plan. One of Linuxdude's contributions is to remind me of The Cathedral and the Bazaar - we're going for a Bazaar style development this time around.

AlphaLogic is 'leading' the core coding with strong contributions from several others. Much of Pnooka's M-Xoops work is also being integrated. My role is mostly Community, Docs and house-keeping - I've been updating the Forums and the bug-tracker and chatting with AlphaLogic and the others when decisions are needed.

The Dev Team is open to anyone who wants to join - subject to the broad agreement of the current Dev Team, or more likely that no-one disagrees strongly. What members do is really up to them to choose - though there are plenty of tasks for willing helpers.

That's about it for the moment.

Best wishes

27 April 2004

Live8 The long walk to justice

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Link: http://www.live8live.com/de/

live 8 listeLIVE 8 ist ein Teil eines Weltaktionstags, der die Aktion "A long Way To Justice" einläutet, der die Regierungschefs der reichsten Länder der Welt beim Gipfeltreffen vom 6. bis 9. Juli in Gleneagles auffordert, etwas zu unternehmen. Am 2. Juli werden Millionen von Menschen in London, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Berlin, Paris und Rom zusammenkommen, um zu verlangen, dass Schulden gestrichen werden, dass Entwicklungshilfe vermehrt und verbessert wird und dass den ärmsten Menchen der Welt Handelsgerechtigkeit zugesichert wird.

LIVE 8 fordert dazu auf, sich zu einer Stimme zu vereinen. Im Jahr 2005 brauchen wir Ihre Stimme, nicht Ihr Geld.

Bob Geldof:

"Dies hier ist nicht LiveAid2.

Die Konzerte bilden den Auftakt für die Bewegung "Long Walk To Justice". Sie ermöglichen uns, auf diese Art unsere gemeinsame Stimme zum Ausdruck zu bringen und gehört zu werden.

Dies ist zweifellos ein Einschnitt in die Geschichte, bei dem gewöhnliche` Leute die Initiative ergreifen können, um etwas wirklich Enormes zu erreichen. Wir können von den 8 Regierungschefs beim G8-Gipfeltreffen ein Ende der Armut verlangen. Es liegt in den Händen dieser 8 Regierungschefs die Geschichte zu verändern.

Sie werden es jedoch nur tun wollen, wenn Tausende von Menschen ihnen zeigen, das es so nicht weitergehen kann.

Wenn sie die Entwicklungshilfe verdoppeln, die Schulden streichen und Afrika einen fairen Handel sichern, dann könnten die G8-Regierungschefs die Zukunft von Millionen von Männern, Frauen und Kindern ändern."

Die Konzerte:







  • Will Smith
  • Salma Hayek
  • Natalie Portman
  • Chris Tucker
  • Jennifer Connolly
  • Jimmy Smits
  • Kami



Presenters: Dan Aykroyd and Tom Green

Artists performing include:


Artists performing include:



Musiker und Veranstalter arbeiten kostenlos, um die Mission zu unterstützen. Die Kosten für die Konzerte, allein in Berlin etwa eine Million Euro, trägt Geldofs Entwicklungshilfefonds. Anders als in anderen Ländern ist es dem deutschen Veranstalter Marek Lieberberg nicht gelungen, Sponsoren zu finden. Und auch ansonsten beklagte der größte Konzertveranstalter der Republik im Vorfeld mangelnde Kooperationsbereitschaft in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung. Die Behörden verweigerten ihm die Genehmigung, das Spektakel auf dem Platz der Republik vor dem Reichstag zu veranstalten. Der Ausweichort sei "das absurdeste Konzertareal der Welt", kritisierte Lieberberg.

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